Fittings and Tubing Guide

Choosing the right fittings and tubing is almost equally important as choosing any other component in a liquid cooling loop and usually very confusing to beginners.

Did You Know? The NVIDIA 30 Series Founders Edition Layout Is Not a Reference Design

The launch of new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards has caused some confusion on the market regarding the compatibility and we are here to help set the record straight. This is the first generation of graphics cards that very clearly separates the term “Founders Edition” from the so-called “reference” PCB design.

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Did You Know That There Is Dedicated Page With All EK Manuals

In order to make navigating through our webshop and searching for products easier for customers, we’ve decided to remove all EOL (End Of Life) products from search results, as well as categories as these products cannot be purchased anymore.


EK 6-Way D-RGB Splitter and How to Use It

This might be pretty straightforward, but to avoid issues we’ve decided to make a little article to explain the EK 6-way D-RGB splitter and how it should be used. This splitter cable is to be used exclusively with D-RGB (addressable RGB) fans using 5V 3-pin connectors. These standardized connectors are used by all motherboard manufacturers thus EK has chosen to follow the standards with our D-RGB products, as well as splitter cables. 


Did You Know That the Filling Bottle Can Also be Used for Draining?

Filling the loop with the Filling bottle is a really great help, especially if the reservoir is in a hard to reach position, surrounded by tubing or other components. But, did you know that you can also use it for draining the loop?

Can a water block really boost your GPU performance?

With the launch of new AMD Radeon Vega GPUs, there was some fresh life pumped into the graphics card market. Things got exciting once again, we had new GPUs to talk about, and this seems like a perfect opportunity to revisit a fairly common question. Will liquid cooling improve your GPU performance?

Does rotating the CPU block affect performance

Does Different CPU Water Block Orientation Affect Performance?

Over the years we’ve seen many different CPUs in different sockets behaving differently to CPU water block orientation. This time we’ll take a glance at a few platforms and see what happens when you rotate a block.

This is why you need coolants for water cooling

This Is Why You Need Purpose-Made Coolants

In the water cooling world, there are two tides. One goes for pretty colored coolants, the other wants only cooling performance and doesn’t worry about looks. Some of the people in the other movement are promoting pure distilled water as the best choice for liquid cooling as it requires almost no maintenance. So today we’re gonna talk about all the coolants, and also explain why pure distilled water can be a bad idea.

Did You Know That EK Has a Clearance Category with Non-Stop Deals?

EK has been known in the past to do discount periods for major holidays and occasional clearance sales. That part will stay, but there is now a permanent category within the EK webshop that is filled with great deals you don’t want to miss. It has all the items EK produces – fittings, water blocks, adapters, backplates, monoblocks, radiators, fans and more!


Did you know that you can open your blocks without voiding warranty?

We’ve seen a lot of people say the warranty is void once the EK water blocks are opened. That is not true, at least not entirely. EK offers two warranties. One is a leak warranty – which guarantees the product was tested after assembly and does not leak. In case of defect and leakage, while the leak seal is intact, that is the block was not opened by the user, EK covers all damage to the liquid cooling equipment and any PC hardware ruined in the process.