Which liquid cooling solution is right for me?

There are 3 ways to liquid ­cool your components: an “all-­in-­one” system, such as EK-XLC Predator series; then there are pre­packaged kits, and finally, there is the “full custom loop” approach.

What is the difference between Nickel and Copper?

So-called ‘Nickel water block’ is still a pure copper water block, but plated with a layer of nickel. Performance wise the nickel plated water block is identical in performance to non-plate (bare) copper water block.

What is a Full Cover (EK-FC) water block?

A Full Cover water block’s main advantage is that it cools all heat generating components – GPU, RAM IC and VRM by a single cooling unit and in a single coolant pass.

What is the difference between Acetal and Plexi?

There are no differences between POM Acetal and acrylic glass (Plexi) top in regards to cooling performance.

Can you make me a custom water block?

We are not making custom designs for any of the components (blocks, radiators, reservoirs, etc…). However, …