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With last year's success of the EK-Quantum Magnitude CPU water block, this year the EK-Quantum Line received two new iF DESIGN AWARDS, one being granted to the EK-Quantum Vector FE Special Edition GPU water block, in the Gaming Hardware product category. It is the most complex GPU water block enclosure cooling solution developed by EK to date. It was engineered for the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX ™ 30 series Founders Edition graphics cards and comes with a backplate that makes sure the entire graphics card is enclosed and not visible at all. Learn more

EK Launches a 1U-Compatible Threadripper CPU Water Block

September 13, 2021| Water Blocks

EK, the leading liquid cooling gear manufacturer, launches a 1U rack compatible high-performance liquid cooling solution for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. 1U rack compatibility is achieved through the use of G1/8”-threaded side ports that enable a smaller vertical footprint.

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Fast. Faster. FireCuda 530 SSD With EK Heatsink

September 10, 2021| EKWB Press Release

EK, the European manufacturer of premium liquid cooling gear, and Seagate, a renowned HDD&SSD manufacturer, have partnered to launch FireCuda 530 solid state drives with a heatsink that offers a minimalist design, anodized aluminum body, and finely textured micropore surface to improve heat transfer and lower SSD temperatures. Thanks to that, FireCuda 530 can run at peak speeds for extended periods of time. This cutting-edge SSD has a Seagate-validated E18  controller and the latest 3D TLC NAND memory and achieves up to 7,300MB/s speeds.

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Pedal to the Metal With EK-Quantum Vector FE RTX 3080 and 3090 – Full Metal Water Blocks

September 9, 2021| Water Blocks

EK, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is proud to show off its Full-Metal Special Edition high-performance GPU water blocks for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090 Founders Edition graphics cards. The EK-Quantum Vector FE RTX 3080 and 3090 - Full Metal water blocks come in the more popular Black color, featuring a black, completely metal enclosure with a nickel-plated brass terminal.

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EK Celebrates Gamers and Gaming Culture by Bringing Products and Innovations to PAX West 2021

September 3, 2021| Water Blocks

EK®, the leading premium liquid cooling manufacturer, will have a physical booth presence at the event to present its portfolio of custom loop components, AIO (all-in-one) solutions, professional workstations, and pre-built gaming PCs. The newest PC from EK Fluid Gaming, the mini AIO+, will also be shown at PAX and officially launched at the end of 2021.

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EK-Pro GPU WB RE RTX 3080/3090 – Nickel + Inox

September 2, 2021| Water Blocks

EK®, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, is now offering an enterprise-grade GPU water block for reference PCB layout NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 30 Series graphics cards. This new block incorporates a CNC-machined nickel-plated copper base with a laser-cut stainless steel top for a robust metal cooling solution.

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