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EK®, the premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is extending the Quantum Line Torque fittings with static extenders. With these premium interconnects, it will become very easy to get the correct positioning of the fitting to lessen any work when tube routing or attach a component directly to another via an M-M static extender. Aesthetically they are a perfect match with the EK-Quantum Torque fittings. Learn more

Pumpless Quantum TBE DDC Pump-Reservoir Combos Hitting the Market

June 22, 2020| EKWB Press Release

EK®, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer based in Europe, is releasing pumpless versions of the Quantum Line pump-reservoir combo units -  the EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 160 DDC Body D-RGB. This means the customer can attach his already owned DDC pump allowing for a more affordable upgrade process from the previous generation of reservoirs. EK-Quantum products come with sophisticated 5V D-RGB addressable LEDs which can be controlled through your motherboard RGB control software.

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EK Expands Professional Portfolio With New Water Blocks

June 19, 2020| EKWB Press Release

EK® Water Blocks, the premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing a whole series of workstation/server grade water blocks for some of the most powerful Workstation GPUs on the market today based on both NVIDIA® and AMD® graphic chips. That includes several of the Quadro®, Tesla®, as well as the Radeon™ Pro WX. These Pro water blocks span across the entire length of the cards cooling all critical components.

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Stand-Alone D5 With a Quantum Top

June 15, 2020| EKWB Press Release

EK® Water Blocks, the world-renowned premium liquid cooling manufacturer, is releasing the EK-Quantum Inertia D5 PWM D-RGB standalone pump units. These standalone pumps are an evolution of the very popular and successful EK-XTOP Revo D5 PWM pumps, now available with sophisticated D-RGB LED lighting and an updated design aligning with the EK Quantum Line. These units offer increased hydraulic performance (up to 15%) compared to the original factory top.

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EK-Quantum Power Kits Rolled Out By EK

June 11, 2020| EKWB Press Release

EK® Water Blocks, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is launching the new EK-Quantum Power Kits that are based on EK's successful RGB kits, but this time with complete D-RGB support and all-Quantum Line products, with various added accessories. The Kits are aimed at enthusiasts who have powerful PC hardware and want a very high-end solution for cooling that hardware without having to pick custom loop parts themselves. These Quantum kits will make the loop building experience easier thanks to the extra accessories. Additional benefits also come from D-RGB (addressable RGB), dye pack for creating own coolant color, two 90 degree fittings, reservoir tube clamps for alternative mounting, and more.

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EK-Classic Kits Transition to D-RGB And More

June 9, 2020| EKWB Press Release

EK® Water Blocks, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is updating the EK-Classic Kits by transitioning them all to the more customizable 5V D-RGB lighting and adding more tools in the package to help loop builders. That's not where the magic stops, as these new Classic kits are more affordable. This was done with various production optimizations that yielded a more affordable and better product for end-users.

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