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Unveiling a cutting-edge creation from EK, the distinguished leader in premium liquid cooling solutions – introducing the EK-Quantum Momentum² ROG Maximus Z790 Dark Hero D-RGB – Plexi, a monoblock designed exclusively for the Intel LGA 1700 socket. Precision-engineered to seamlessly integrate with the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 DARK HERO motherboard, this monoblock boasts an I/O cover that facilitates effortless Polymo Lighting Display integration. Izvedi več

EK Intros New VRM Bridge and Upgrade Kit for ASUS Maximus Z790 Formula

1 decembra, 2023| Water Blocks

EK, the leading liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is ready to support the new enthusiast-favorite ROG MAXIMUS Z790 FORMULA motherboard with a unique, patented liquid distribution VRM Bridge. The EK-Quantum Momentum² VRM Bridge ROG Maximus Z790 Formula D-RGB is a purpose-engineered connection piece that bridges the integrated ASUS HyperChill III VRM cooling on the motherboard and EK-Quantum Velocity² 1700 CPU water block into a single entity.

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EK Readies Water Block for ASUS RTX 4090 TUF Gaming OG Edition

29 novembra, 2023| Water Blocks

EK, the leading manufacturer of premium liquid cooling gear, is bearing good news for liquid cooling enthusiasts, announcing the availability of compatible GPU water blocks for the OG Editions of the ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards. Due to the physical differences in the PCB of the OG Edition GPU, it requires a different GPU water block than what would usually fit the 4090 Strix and TUF models.

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EK-Loop FPT 120 and 140 Fans are A Great Pair With EK-Pro Enterprise Loops

28 novembra, 2023| Accessories

EK, the premium liquid cooling solutions manufacturer, is confirming that EK-Loop FPT fans are perfect to pair with the EK-Pro workstation-grade loops. The EK-Loop Fan FPT 120 - Black and EK-Loop Fan FPT 140 - Black are a perfect fit due to their focus on reliability, performance, wide operating range, and no LEDs.

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EK-Pro Line Gets New Multiport 360 and 480mm Radiators

22 novembra, 2023| Radiators

EK, the premium liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is expanding the EK-Pro Line with a radiator portfolio. The EK-Pro Radiator P360 Multiport - Black and EK-Pro Radiator P480 Multiport - Black feature a multiport design for ease of use and convenience in tube routing tubes. They come with a medium, 45mm thickness, and 18 FPI fin density. 

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New EK-Pro Pump-Reservoir Combo Units Also Work as Manifolds

17 novembra, 2023| Reservoirs

EK, the premium water-cooling gear manufacturer, is launching a new pump-reservoir combo unit with a plethora of G1/4" ports, allowing it to act as a manifold too. EK-Pro Pump Reservoir Manifold X6 D5 - Acetal has enough ports to work with a total of 6 water-cooling components, for example, two CPUs, two GPUs, and two radiators. It also has a dedicated fill port, a drain port with an optional QDC, and a small window to monitor the coolant level visually. 

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