About EK

EK® is a premium liquid cooling solutions provider, bearing the name of its founder Edvard König. The brand started with one man’s enthusiasm and his first ventures into water cooling back in 1999. Officially founded in 2003, the company is considered an early pioneer in PC liquid cooling. It quickly became synonymous with innovative product design, quality engineering, and premium aesthetics, gaining a reputation among PC enthusiasts for transforming ordinary computers into extraordinary machines.

From its humble beginnings more than two decades ago, EK steadily grew to become the global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-end liquid cooling solutions for the end-user, as well as various industrial applications.

Today, EK is the most comprehensive provider of premium, high-quality custom liquid cooling loop products, expanding its portfolio to AIO coolers, plug-and-play gaming PCs, and professional workstations.

EK has also become a trusted expert and partner for many of the industry’s top names and different computer technology brands. In collaboration with many partner companies, EK co-designs, co-develops, and co-brands solutions that push performance boundaries through liquid cooling.

With continuous research and innovative design, EK constantly strives to bring the best possible liquid cooling experience to its customers all around the world.

Company Information


EKWB d.o.o.
Pod lipami 18
SI-1218 Komenda
Slovenia – EU

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Email: info@ekwb.com

Working days: Monday – Friday

End-User Support (7:00 AM – 4:00 PM CET):
+386 1 828 4998 SI
+44 330 053 3405 UK
+1 (619) 391-9229 US

B2B Support (7:00 AM – 3:00 PM CET):
+386 59 0966 25
+386 59 0966 29

Technical Support (USA – 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM CST):
+386 1 828 4998 SI
+44 330 053 3405 UK
+1 (619) 391-9229 US

ID for VAT: SI30449383

Company No: 3358151000

IBAN: SI56290000050898861
Bank: UniCredit Banka Slovenija d.d.

IBAN: SI56101000045181528
Bank: Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d. d.


EK Evolution


Edvard König buys his first computer and soon realizes that air cooling is not enough. He starts spending his time developing sketches of water blocks.


Edvard’s dream finally comes true. He has successfully designed and machined his first water block prototypes named EK-1, EK-2, and EK-3.


EK releases the very first sandwich-type Full Cover water block with a new WWA (Wave Water Accelerator) cooling engine. This product becomes the baseline for VGA Full Cover water blocks.


EK grows fast and is the first to provide a complete set of components for custom loop liquid cooling. A renowned Cooling Configurator is then introduced, becoming the new industry standard.


EK launches hydraulically balanced jet micro-fin design for VGA Full Cover water blocks, improving the thermal performance by several degrees and setting the industry benchmark.


EK enters the enterprise and server market with the world’s first water cooling solutions for NVIDIA® Quadro® and Tesla® series graphics and compute cards.


EK moves into a brand new facility and introduces EK-Supremacy EVO – the new flagship performance CPU water block that further increases the gap between competitors.


EK launches its first AIO liquid cooling unit – the Predator, setting a higher standard for performance and expandability while providing pre-filling service of EK GPU water block add-ons.


EK releases 100 pieces of Limited Edition Supremacy EVO water block, commemorating its 10th Anniversary with profits going to charity.


Pre-built fully liquid-cooled gaming PCs named EK Fluid Gaming Systems are launched, as well as the Quantum line. EK also takes part in the IN WIN® 30th Anniversary Celebration by co-organizing a highly successful “Mod in Taiwan” live case modding event.


The EK Mod Pit takes a different approach to bring PC modding closer to the general public. EK Classic line is also released, as well as the new closed-loop solution called EK-AIO.


EK introduces a new high-end CPU water block, EK-Quantum Magnitude, that wins the prestigious iF Design Award. The same year, EK teams up with the tech industry’s biggest names, bringing products like EK-QuantumX Delta TEC, MSI® MPG Carbon EK X, and Special Edition water blocks for the latest AMD® GPUs and CPUs.