Does rotating the CPU block affect performance

Does Different CPU Water Block Orientation Affect Performance?

Over the years we’ve seen many different CPUs in different sockets behaving differently to CPU water block orientation. This time we’ll take a glance at a few platforms and see what happens when you rotate a block.

This is why you need coolants for water cooling

This Is Why You Need Purpose-Made Coolants

In the water cooling world, there are two tides. One goes for pretty colored coolants, the other wants only cooling performance and doesn’t worry about looks. Some of the people in the other movement are promoting pure distilled water as the best choice for liquid cooling as it requires almost no maintenance. So today we’re gonna talk about all the coolants, and also explain why pure distilled water can be a bad idea.

Did You Know That EK Has a Clearance Category with Non-Stop Deals?

EK has been known in the past to do discount periods for major holidays and occasional clearance sales. That part will stay, but there is now a permanent category within the EK webshop that is filled with great deals you don’t want to miss. It has all the items EK produces – fittings, water blocks, adapters, backplates, monoblocks, radiators, fans and more!


Did you know that you can open your blocks without voiding warranty?

We’ve seen a lot of people say the warranty is void once the EK water blocks are opened. That is not true, at least not entirely. EK offers two warranties. One is a leak warranty – which guarantees the product was tested after assembly and does not leak. In case of defect and leakage, while the leak seal is intact, that is the block was not opened by the user, EK covers all damage to the liquid cooling equipment and any PC hardware ruined in the process.


Parallel vs Serial Loop – Why Choose One Over the Other?

In this article, we’ll look at two most ways you can configure your loop, or more accurately the GPU block. The most common and usually featured is a serial connection, which uses one inlet to the GPU block, and one outlet. The parallel connection utilizes all 4 ports on the GPU block, and in the rest of this blog you’ll find out how that works and what are benefits and drawbacks of both configurations.


Useful tips – Part 3

In part 3 of useful tips, we’ll take a look at some things that might go wrong for custom liquid cooling builders and how you should avoid them.


Did you know that foaming of EK-Cryofuel Solid is totally normal

We’ve received many questions regarding the EK-CryoFuel Solid foaming and/or having air bubbles just after filling the system. Right off the bat, we can say that it’s totally normal and it will lessen over time. Solid colored coolants definitely experience it more than semi-translucent ones, so we’re mostly dedicating this to CryoFuel Solid lineup.


PETG hard tubing and how to make it even better

Let’s start by taking a look at two of the most common materials from which the hard tubing is most often made and pros and cons of both. Acrylic and PETG.


SSD cooling

SSD cooling has been a topic that’s discussed a lot lately. Some people say “yes, you should cool it”, some people disagree. In this article we’ll be covering the benefits and drawbacks of cooling an SSD, and when do these drawbacks actually happen.


Scan the QR code on the box to access the manual

In an effort to help with protecting the environment and using less paper, EK has been packaging newer products without a written manual. The main goal was to save some trees if possible while not skimping on materials for our users, as we think most customers have a smartphone to scan the barcode and get a .pdf manual opened on it.