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Parallel vs Serial Loop – Why Choose One Over the Other?

In this article, we’ll look at two most ways you can configure your loop, or more accurately the GPU block. The most common and usually featured is a serial connection, which uses one inlet to the GPU block, and one outlet. The parallel connection utilizes all 4 ports on the GPU block, and in the rest of this blog you’ll find out how that works and what are benefits and drawbacks of both configurations.

SSD cooling

SSD cooling has been a topic that’s discussed a lot lately. Some people say “yes, you should cool it”, some people disagree. In this article we’ll be covering the benefits and drawbacks of cooling an SSD, and when do these drawbacks actually happen.

Scan the QR code on the box to access the manual

In an effort to help with protecting the environment and using less paper, EK has been packaging newer products without a written manual. The main goal was to save some trees if possible while not skimping on materials for our users, as we think most customers have a smartphone to scan the barcode and get a .pdf manual opened on it.

Useful Tips Part 1 – Drain Valve

Oftentimes not having a drain port, or placing it in a bad spot can make your liquid cooling experience complicated. At one point you will want to do your yearly coolant swap, or just want a new coolant color, or you will want to change liquid cooling components. In any of these cases you will have to drain your loop, and without having a drain port already installed, it could be a tricky and time-consuming task.