EK Introduces the “EK-Care Package” Service for a Carefree Shopping Experience

September 29, 2022 | Guides | Aljaž Savnik
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Online purchases can be a tricky endeavor. From the moment you order your desired product and by the time it gets delivered, there are numerous moving parts at play. And if one thing goes wrong, you may end up without the cool new liquid-cooling toy that you wanted so badly. To remove this stress from the beautiful experience of buying premium water cooling products, EK® decided to introduce a new RMA-based (return merchandise authorization) service called “EK-Care Package.”

What is EK-Care Package?

EK-Care Package is a new service that ensures a faster, advanced RMA process for the treatment of incorrect delivery claims, defects liability, and warranty claims for orders that include this option. This service gives customers more choices and rectification methods compared to other customers who do not opt for the EK-Care Package service while ordering our products.

It is important to note that this is neither a no-questions-asked replacement process nor a free return service. Specific terms and conditions apply, which are available later in this text.

Regular RMA Process vs. EK-Care Package

It is important to note that EK’s existing RMA service hasn’t been changed, nor will its quality decrease due to the introduction of the EK-Care Package service.

The regular RMA process functions like this:
The user opens a ticket, returns the product, our team inspects it (to confirm the claim), and, if the claim is justified, we replace the product. The average resolution time for the regular RMA process is approximately 14 calendar days (including delivery) or 21 calendar days (including delivery) for lost/damaged shipments and missing products.

The EK-Care Package service functions like this:
The user opens a ticket, we simultaneously start inspection and send the replacement product. When this advanced replacement option is added to your order, the replacement product is shipped out within 24h (if stock is available and if the customer provides all the necessary information/proof of fault). The average resolution time for the refund scenario is 5 calendar days or 7 calendar days (including delivery) for lost/damaged shipments and missing products.

What are the Benefits of this Service?

The users who add this service to their order will ensure that their RMA case, should they need to open one, is faster and involves advanced product replacement. When applicable, EK will also initiate product replacements simultaneously with troubleshooting. All this allows for faster RMA, a shorter time frame for getting a new product, and results in minimized downtime for the customer.

Where/When Can You Opt for This Service?

The customer can select the EK-Care Package service option for any order made through the EKWB webshop and can be added in the final phase of the checkout.

Simply check the EK-Care Package box as shown above, and this optional service will be applied to your order.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of the EK-Care Package service is not fixed. It makes up 3% of the total order value (including the charged price of products and services – considering any potential discounts, including shipping costs, VAT or other sales tax, excise, and customs duties, which are applied to the total order value according to applicable legislation requirements).

For example, if your total order value is $100, the EK-Care Package service will cost $3 for that particular order. There is no progressive scale for orders of higher value, which means the percentage always stays at 3% of the total order value, regardless of how valuable the order is.

Is It Viable for All EKWB Products?

Yes. The users can add the EK-Care Package service to all EK products bought through the EKWB webshop.

How Long Does the Service Last?

The EK-Care Package service duration matches the warranty period of the products bought in that particular order. This means 2 years for most EK liquid cooling products or 5 years for AIOs.

Are There Any “Terms & Conditions” Applied?

Yes. Some specific Terms & Conditions apply when opting for the EK-Care Package service. You can read the full version in the FAQ section below. The summary is available here:

  • Not applicable to 30-day guarantee returns and damage claims (EK product damages the customer’s hardware or other belongings). Valid also for transit issues (damaged or lost shipments).
  • Available to all end-users buying through the EKWB webshop (B2B shop excluded).
  • The service can only be bought at the time of the order, not at the time of the RMA.
  • The service can only be applied to orders for which the customer bought the EK-Care Package (and cannot be transferred to other orders).
  • EK-Care Package service is available and operational Monday to Friday, 6.00 – 14.00 CET, excluding public holidays that are statutory non-working days.
  • The service can be utilized once for each order but may include one or multiple products from the same order. However, multiple different claims pertaining to a single order will be allowed if filed within the total span of 5 (five) days between the first and the last claim.
  • The EK-Care Package will not be applied if the RMA is not justified. The purchase of this service does not mean automatic approval of an RMA.
  • Customers that bought the EK-Care Package MUST open an RMA through the RMA portal (using their account) and should not report it through the Customer Service form. More info here: How do I open an RMA?
  • Mandatory info that a user must provide upon RMA submission includes:
    • – Shipping address for pickup and possible delivery of replacement products in the syntax “Name Surname, Street address, Postcode, City, Area/State, Country”
    • – Contact information (email or telephone number)
    • – Description of the problem
    • – Claim contents (withdrawal with refund or delivery of replacement products – if applicable)
    • – Evidence demonstrating the claim is justified, such as photo, audio, or video recordings.
  • If we find the customer is trying to take advantage of the service, we reserve the right to reclaim all expenses, losses, and damages incurred with or as a consequence of performing the EK-Care Package services in the following cases where claims turn out not to be justified:
    1. a) Fraud, misrepresentation
    2. b) Infliction of defects due to willful misconduct or gross negligence by the customer
    3. c) The customer fails to return the (defective) products at EKWB’s request.
  • EK-Care Package can be utilized only with respect to incorrect delivery claims, defect liability and warranty claims. Incorrect delivery claims include: lost shipments, incomplete shipments (missing parts), shipments of wrong products, and damaged shipments wrapping, irrespective of the courier service provider.
  • When the EK-Care Package is ordered at the time of purchase, the customer can only use this service if the email address under which the webshop account is registered matches the email address submitted during the ordering process.

EK-Care Package FAQs

Here are some of the FAQs that you may find helpful:

Ensure a Carefree Shopping Experience with the “EK-Care Package”

Buying premium liquid-cooling products should not involve stress at any level. It should be a joyful, quick, and exciting experience with minimal downtime and maximum performance. This is precisely why we introduced the EK-Care Package service. For that small extra fee, you get to know that your EK order will get advanced RMA processing, and that feeling is priceless.

Visit the EK webshop and experience the new EK-Care Package service first-hand!

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