Useful Tips Part 1 – Drain Valve

Oftentimes not having a drain port, or placing it in a bad spot can make your liquid cooling experience complicated. At one point you will want to do your yearly coolant swap, or just want a new coolant color, or you will want to change liquid cooling components. In any of these cases you will have to drain your loop, and without having a drain port already installed, it could be a tricky and time-consuming task.

Did you know? – We are offering all kinds of spare parts

EK is actively working on getting more spare parts into the EK Webshop. But even if the part that you need is not in the shop, by contacting our customer care you can purchase spare parts like screws, tops, LED strips, spare o-rings… in order to provide proper maintenance for your liquid cooling parts.

performance impact by swapping inlet and outlet on the GPU block

Does reversing the ports on GPU water blocks have any performance impact?

You probably wondered if reversing the “in” and “out” ports on the GPU water block will have any impact on its performance? The previous generation of EK-FC full cover GPU water blocks and the current series EK-Vector full cover GPU water blocks are both designed and engineered in such a way that they can operate efficiently regardless of the coolant flow orientation. Because of that, there is no designated “in” and “out” port on these water blocks, but one setup has slight benefits compared to the other.

EK-RES X3-pump-holder

Did you know? – You can use the pump mount on the reservoir

Did you know that the EK-RES X3 tubes that are used on every EK reservoir and pump combo unit have the same diameter as the D5 pump? One of the benefits of this is the option to grab the reservoir tube with the pump unit clip. The mounting clip with rubber insert reduces vibration and grabs onto the pump, or tube via the rubber insert, which is squeezed by the outer shell which you can tighten with screws.