What is QDC?

This article will show you, why AIO or All-In-One is a very attractive solution if you need efficient, silent and great performing cooling solution, but you don’t have much time to deal with installation and maintenance of the loop.

Prototype No. 2 by Hans Peder “p0Pe” Sahl

This time, we are featuring another amazing piece of work by Hans Peder Sahl a.k.a. p0Pe. The build was shown at the Gigabyte Suite at Computex and was done in the white prototype of the R80, hence the name Prototype No. 2.

The Elucidator by Cash091

This time we feature a build from one of our fans, redditor by the name Cash091. Gorgeous soft tubing build, all EK liquid cooling loop with two 980 GTX graphics cards.

What are MOSFETs and why you should keep them cool?

In this article, we explain what are MOSFETs, why are they important and why should you keep them cool.

600bhp – Corsair 600C project by MetallicAcid

This week we are featuring another amazing build by Metallicacid Customs PCs! 600bhp is a case mod featuring the Corsair Carbide 600C, inspired partly by the DeLorean in “Back to the Future” and the Lamborghini Aventador.

Thermal Compound Guide

Why do we need a thermal grease? How to read thermal compound labels and what do they mean? What is a good spread and good conductivity?

In Win 909 by Derick Magnusen

This week we are featuring this amazing red & black themed build from our USA Managing Director, Derick Magnusen.