PAX East 2016

In cooperation with Aion PC and In Win, EKWB attended PAX East 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts this past weekend. We had no more than 16 amazing gaming computers on display, all liquid cooled by EK gear.

Gigabyte Bench Table by Phenom Design

This week we are featuring this awesome GIGABYTE Bench Table by Phenom Design. Highly accessible motherboard with three additional compartments for the radiator, power supply and water pump with reservoir.

How to correctly apply the thermal interface material (TIM)?

Every now and then we get a question how to apply the thermal pads or thermal grease correctly, therefore I decided to write a short blog post about it.

Should I get pump reservoir combo or should I buy them separately?

The reservoir pump combo is what we can simply describe as “fail proof” concept. The coolant will always be at the right spot for the pump to operate without any problems.

Deep Red by Brian Stroh

This week we are featuring a Deep Red build by Brian Stroh (@BPS_Cusoms on Twitter). Check this glorious Phanteks Enthoo Evolv build!