Project Aorus by Hans Peder Sahl

May 7, 2017 | Featured builds & mods | Atila Gobor
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Project Aorus was initially thought to be a simple show build with some water cooling and custom cables, but as Hans Peder “p0pe” Sahl explains, it often happens that he gets carried away and decides to make his own custom water cooling parts for the build. This project was first exposed live in Leipzig at Dreamhack 2017, Gigabyte – Aorus event.

Hardware specifications:
Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-7700K 
 GIGABYTE® Aorus Z270X-Gaming 9 
Graphics Card: 
2x GIGABYTE® GTX 1080 G1 Gaming
Corsair 32GB Vengeance® 3000MHz
Power Supply: 
Corsair HX850i
Special: Custom made manifold plates

We invite you to take a closer look!

The centerpiece of this build is its two custom manifold plates. Plate one that sits on the motherboard connects all the major components such as the GPU, CPU, motherboard and RAM into one big distributing plate. The second plate houses the reservoir as well as two D5 pumps and routes the fluid into the radiators in top and bottom as well. The manifold plates are made from a combination of 25 mm acrylic, and 10 mm acrylic and was milled on a CNC machine.

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  1. zer0ish
    zer0ish says:

    Those custom blocks and res are just so sexy! It all looks like a 2D cartoon drawing with the thick black gaskets. Just beautiful and clean. Best build so far.

  2. Adam Murdoch
    Adam Murdoch says:

    these look so dam gorgeous I would love to see some resource for creating custom manifolds i know an outfit that could machine them but the specs recommended spacing’s for screws channel depths for the gaskets etc.

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