Scan the QR code on the box to access the manual

In an effort to help with protecting the environment and using less paper, EK has been packaging newer products without a written manual. The main goal was to save some trees if possible while not skimping on materials for our users, as we think most customers have a smartphone to scan the barcode and get a .pdf manual opened on it.

Useful tips 2

Useful Tips Part 2 – Compatibility, loop order and coolant level

We’re continuing our series in which we assist first-time liquid coolers with useful info. We’re going down the list which was set up with your help. In the first one, we’ve exclusively talked about drain ports. This time we’re touching a few more subjects.

Did you know? – Compatibility issues with Strix RTX 2080 Ti water blocks

There is a simple fix to the issue, the only thing that needs to be done is to remove the four closest stand-off mounts around the GPU die. With simple flat nose pliers, the stand-offs can be easily unscrewed turning them counter clockwise.