InWin H-Frame 2.0 by NGEN-PC’s

The In Win H-Frame 2.0 is a beast and masterpiece by itself, but NGEN decided to turn up the dial. So, when something is already impressive, it is kind of hard to improve it, right? Since this is not NGEN’s first build, nor last, we are pretty sure that they got this one just spot on. But don’t let us bias you, enjoy the pictures and feel free to share your opinion!

Radiators Part 1 – Thickness and FPI

In the next few weeks, we are going to concentrate on radiators for a bit. There will be a series of blogs, all dedicated to radiators and the basics you need to know about them.

White 900D by Danny Boehm

We will kick off the new year with a project from Danny Böhm, that was actually finished in late 2016. Just look at that beauty! Danny builds many PCs, but most of the hardware he uses has quite a dark scheme. This is his personal system and it should be different, white, as white as possible!

How to swap the mounting bracket? Easy!

AMD is heating things up their new Zen microarchitecture and we came prepared to the party! With the release of the new Ryzen™ CPUs and A-series APUs codenamed Bristol Ridge, the AMD water cooling community will bloom again and that is why we prepared a short tutorial.