Project Shark by Tiche PC Customs

This week we are covering a very recent build by Tiché PC Customs, a professional PC design consultant company based in Slovakia. The distributor of the most famous of brands in the field of cooling and top hardware which means that they have significant control over the quality and the results of their work. System build named “Shark” seems to be up to that standard and we like it!

What is delidding?

Delidding can be described as something like „taking cooling to the next level“. Liquid cooling is far more superior than air cooling, and liquid cooling a delidded processor is even more efficient.

GamesCom 2016

The annual gaming event in Germany has ended a few days ago and with all the barrage of information, news, and releases we thought we’d make a recap from the hardware point of view.

Black & White by PCAXE

Our brethren in Serbia successfully built a two in one build with some beautiful looking extras. They managed to cram up high performing PC components into two mini-ITX Metis cases interconnected with a custom CNC designed reservoir front plate.