Vulture Red Flakes by Tiche PC

Last day of March is dedicated to Vulture Red Flakes build by Tiché PC. Amazing attention to details and stunning photography make this build truly astonishing!

How big should my radiator be?

Radiators come in various sizes and thickness, but how do you know which size is appropriate for your custom loop?

MANTA S2 by Mp5mafia

Mini ATX cases are really gaining in popularity and this week we are featuring MANTA S2 build by Mp5mafia.

Does Loop Order Matter?

Is there a specific order that the components in a custom liquid cooling loop need to be in? Today we plan to give a short and sweet explanation of the recommended loop order.

Project Biohazard by Alex “Gaijin” Snopek

This week we are featuring Project Hazard by Alexander “Gaijin” Snopek. Very detailed combination of the post-apocalyptic and steampunk appearance, with broken side window, bullet holes and rusted fans.

Which liquid cooling solution is right for me?

There are 3 ways to liquid ­cool your components: an “all-­in-­one” system, such as EK-XLC Predator series; then there are pre­packaged kits, and finally, there is the “full custom loop” approach.

Black Mint by Rok Dolinar

Black Mint created by Rok Dolinar, our R&D engineer. His build is all about clever use of ZMT Tubes and splitters.

Air Cooling vs. Liquid Cooling

Why is liquid cooling better than air cooling? Should you liquid cool your PC or should you stick to air cooling? Questions like these might pop into your head sooner or later, so lets find out what are main advantages of liquid cooling.