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Classic RGB series

Choose C Series kits if you wish:

  • The best performance per dollar.
  • A compact starter kit.
  • Great chassis compatibility, especially in Classic S kits.

Starting at $321.85

Performance series

Choose P Series kits if you need:

  • To unlock your overclocking potential.
  • Strong pump for expanding the loop.
  • Reliable workstation liquid cooling.

Starting at $399.99

Hard Tube series

Choose HT Series kits if you wish:

  • A compact hard tubing kit.
  • Slim radiator for smaller cases.
  • Highest chassis compatibility.
HT Kit 360

Starting at $309.99

Extreme series

Choose X Series kits if you desire:

  • Extreme overclocking results!
  • Separate pump and reservoir for more customization options.
  • Premium top-tier components.

Starting at $419.99

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