PCAXE by Attila Gobor

November 30, 2016 | Featured builds & mods | Žiga Svetlik
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All of us had a starting point. None of us got into overclocking and water cooling on day one. Every one of us had that first IT portal or forum that we started on, where we started learning about hardware. A forum is not a true IT forum if modding or water cooling is not mentioned, and fortunately there is a lot of that at www.pcaxe.com.

Atila just decided to give tribute to the place where he got introduced with modding, overclocking and water cooling for the first time.

Hardware specifications:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6700K
GIGABYTE™ GA-Z170X-Designare
Graphics Card:
GIGABYTE™ GTX 970 G1 Gaming
HyperX® Fury 16GB DDR4-2666
HyperX® Fury 240GB
PC Case:
In Win® 805
Power Supply:
Super Flower® Golden Silent 500W Fanless
Custom cable set
from Mixer PC kablovi

We invite you to have a look!

Atila always keeps aesthetics in mind, and that’s why he chose the In Win 805 for his build, using all EKWB water cooling parts. „EKWB liquid cooling parts offer the cleanest look on the market. The water blocks are not cluttered with details, the design is just right. They are clean, minimalistic, and yet powerful.“ says Atila.

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  1. VSY
    VSY says:

    Nice build, but I do have a question since I’m still a rookie on this!
    What parts did he use to place the GPU like that?

    Best regards

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