Imperial Oreo by Mark Tanko

July 27, 2016 | Featured builds & mods | Žiga Svetlik
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EK-FC1080 GTX G1


EK-FB ASUS M8I Monoblock


EK-CoolStream Radiators


EK-Rotary fittings

Today we are featuring a smaller more conservative build by our CEO Mark Tanko. The build was done at EKWB HQ in Slovenia as a hobby after-work project. The biggest challenge was to get all of the custom liquid cooling loop components fitted inside a mini-ITX case without it looking overcrowded. Also with regular maintenance in mind – access to the reservoir had to be easy and fast.

Now, the hardware specifications and of course – photographs.


ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Impact
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming
Intel i7 6700K
Intel 750 400 GB U.2 SSD
16 GB Dominator DDR4-3200 RAM
Corsair Series RM650M

NZXT Manta Mini-ITX

EK parts used in this build

EK-FB ASUS M8I Monoblock – Acetal+Nickel
EK-FC1080 GTX G1 – Nickel

EK-FC1080 GTX G1 Backplate – Nickel
EK-RES X3 110

2x EK-CoolStream SE 240 (Slim Dual)
3x EK-AF Extender Rotary M-F G1/4 – Nickel

EK-AF Extender 50mm M-F G1/4 – Nickel
EK-AF X-Splitter 4F G1/4 – Nickel
EK-AF Angled 90° G1/4 – Nickel
Assortment of EK compression fittings

Since there are space restrictions in the Manta this build features lots of EK-AF Angled 90° fittings, mainly to interlink the EK-Coolstream radiators. Bending and using hard tubing in limited space just did not work here. Another addition to user friendliness are the EK-AF Extender Rotary and an EK-AF T-Splitter 3F thus making the reservoir easily detachable for maintenance.

Mark_NZXT_Rotary Fitting Closeup


You’ve seen it. Now choose your candy!