Yellow Master by Paul Venegas

Today, we are featuring the Yellow Master build! P. Venegas is the team manager of InFinity eSports team from Costa Rica and has been using EK as his go-to company for quality liquid cooling equipment he’s been putting inside his gaming builds. “EKWB has always been my first choice when building this kind of projects”: said Paul, and in return we say: “Thank you!”

What is Delta T?

Delta-T, often marked as ΔT, is a way of expressing temperature differences when conducting temperature tests and cooling performance comparison.

How to choose the right liquid cooling kit?

Kit offering on the market is very diverse and sometimes it’s hard to determine which kit is really the best option to start with. This article will guide you through the EK kits and help you make a better decision when you decide to take the next step towards building your dream PC.

Angled Fittings and Special Connectors Guide

In this detailed and illustrative guide, we show you how can you make your custom loop more detailed and more precise with the use of angled fittings and other special connectors.