EK-Supremacy PreciseMount Add-on Naked Ivy

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EK-Supremacy PreciseMount Add-on Naked Ivy is an add-on that allows the use of de-lidded 3rd- (Ivy Bridge) and 4th (Haswell) generation Intel® Core i3/i5/i7 generation processors with EK-Supremacy EVO series CPU water blocks.

This is an add-on for EK-Supremacy EVO PreciseMount universal mounting mechanism that offers error-preventing, tool-less installation. The result is a perfect installation which results in perfect performance every time.+

EK recommends the normal orientation of EK-Supremacy water block for optimal results! Using the water block rotated by 90° may result in less than optimal cooling.

All enclosed screws are made of high-quality nickel plated brass.


De-lidded CPU support list:
- Intel® Core i7 3700 & 4700 series CPUs
- Intel® Core i5 3000 & 4000 series CPUs
- Intel® Core i3 3000 & 4000 series CPUs
- Intel® Pentium G2000 series CPUs
- Intel® Celeron G1600 series CPUs
- Intel® Xeon E3-1200V2 series CPUs
- Intel® Xeon E3-1200V3 series CPUs

- M4 0.7mm polyamid  washers (4 pcs)
- M4 threaded thumb screws "Naked Ivy" (4 pcs)
- Torx T20 key

Made in Slovenia - EU!

- This product is intended to be used by expert users only as removing the CPU IHS is a delicate process. EK Water Blocks will not be held responsible for any failed removal operation that resulted in death of the computer component!
- Please do not try to remove IHS from previous generation Intel® Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs (such as Sandy Bridge, Clarkdale and Arrandale) as the core (die) is soldered to the IHS with aforementioned models. Any attemps to remove the IHS from such processor will result in irreparable damage to the CPU!
Please note that removing the IHS from your Intel® CPU will result in voiding the warranty!

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