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EK-Quantum InWin 977EK - Black

Product EAN: 3831109910467

Pre-Order: This product is expected to ship out in mid May 2024.

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EK-Quantum InWin 977EK - Black is a premium quality PC case that can accommodate two 420mm radiators, has dedicated mounts for pumps, reservoirs, and combo units, and offers the ultimate user-friendly experience for custom loop liquid cooling enthusiasts. It was engineered from scratch with water cooling and ease of use in mind. 

EK Quantum Inwin 977EK Premium aluminum case

Crafted from a single, robust piece of 4mm-thick, high-quality brushed aluminum anodized in black, the outer shell of this PC case proudly embodies the iconic InWin aesthetic. Meticulously bent by skilled artisans using hand-operated techniques, it showcases their dedication to craftsmanship.

EK Quantum Inwin 977EK Premium aluminum case

Ease of Use

Both the top and the bottom part of the case utilize removable dust filters and radiator mounts that slide out the back of the case by loosening only four screws from the back panel. This greatly simplifies the maintenance and installation of the radiators with fans.

EK Quantum Inwin 977EK Premium aluminum case

The robust motherboard tray can slide out at the back of the case, simplifying the PC building process. This allows you to install the motherboard, CPU water block, and complete GPU and water block assembly hassle-free.

The power supply mount also slides out of the case, at the same time acting as a pump, reservoir, or combo unit mount. It supports tubular-style combo units like the EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 and flat-style units such as the EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 240. A dedicated cutout for a rear-mounted pump lets you install a flat-style combo unit directly without using standoffs. In this case, the maximum PSU length allowed is 215mm while considering the space cables and ensuring they don't collide with the pump.

Rail-Fitted Radiator Mounts

The mounting slots on the radiator mounting frames are centered so you can swap between 120 and 140mm type radiators, and the ports will still be positioned the same.

EK Quantum Inwin 977EK Premium aluminum case

The maximum radiator length is 360 or 420mm, even supporting longer X-Flow variants. A Slim series Surface radiator will sit flush with the mounting frame of the case, and a P series 44mm thick radiator combined with 25mm fans will fit with no issues. To be more specific, the top side has a clearance of 75mm until hitting the motherboard tray, while the bottom has 89mm. This means there is room for a 58mm thick X series Surface radiator and 29mm fans in the bottom. Still, EK recommends the maximum thickness of radiators to be 45mm, which translates to a P series 420mm radiator as the recommended maximum.

Invertible Design

This case's ability to slide components in and out is not just a mere convenience during the building process but also allows users to transform it into a reverse ATX setup. By simply rotating the power supply mount and the motherboard tray and sliding them back to the opposite side of the case, you get a reverse ATX setup in a matter of seconds. This means that if your preferred position of this stunning PC case is on the left side of the desk, it can still fully showcase the internals.

Premium water-cooling case made of aluminum with inside trays mounted on rails. Easy to use and compatible with a wide array of water-cooling products.

All this is possible thanks to the sturdy aluminum extrusions in the bottom and the top of the case. These act as rails for all the sliding components and significantly improve the structural rigidity of the case.

Hardware Compatibility

As previously mentioned, there is no particular PSU size constraint unless the power supply mount is simultaneously used as a combo unit mount with a rear-facing pump. The dedicated space for combo unit installation offers many mounting holes, allowing maximum flexibility when moving the unit around. It can also fit two FLT 120 units for a dual loop and even the upcoming 140 and 280mm Kinetic combo units.

The reversible motherboard tray can accommodate motherboards that are 310mm wide, meaning that most extended ATX motherboards can fit as well. The maximum GPU width is 190mm and the length 330mm, which allows even the largest GPUs to be mounted horizontally without issues. The case also supports vertical mounting.

RGB-Lit Capacitive On/Off Button

The capacitive Power-On button in the shape of the EK logo is located at the front. It is RGB-lit, and its inside cable guide rotates to account for potential inverted mounting.

EK Quantum Inwin 977EK Premium aluminum case

Rubberized Feet

The 977EK features two wide ridges along its base acting as feet, additionally raising it and providing stable support when placed on a surface. This gives ample airflow to the bottom radiator and adds to the striking visual appeal of the case. The attached rubber strips take care of the vibration dampening.

Legacy Drive Support

The removable hard drive mount located on the back side of the motherboard tray allows the installation of 2.5" and 3.5" drives. The limit is the actual height/thickness of the devices since it supports up to 26mm. This should not be an issue in the era where SSD drives prevail, as these solutions are significantly slimmer.

EK Quantum Inwin 977EK Premium aluminum case

Ample Cable Organization Space

The frustration of encountering insufficient cable space that leads to difficulty closing side panels is a challenge familiar to many. To address common frustrations with cable management, the EK-Quantum InWin 977EK offers a generous 32mm space for effortless cable organization. To help mitigate the cable management issue, the backside of the motherboard tray is equipped with a great number of slotted holes that can be used as tie-down points with either zip ties or the included reusable touch fasteners.

InWin 977EK Video Showcase


Technical Specifications:

- Model Name: EK-Quantum InWin 977EK
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 525 x 250 x 575mm
- Color: Black
- Tinted Tempered Glass Panels: Yes
- Power Supply Compatibility: ATX up to 285mm
- Motherboard Compatibility: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
- Maximum GPU Length: 330mm
- Maximum GPU Width: 190mm (184mm to be removable via rails through the back)
- Storage Drive Maximum Thickness: 26.4mm

Maximum Fan and Radiator Compatibility:

- 2x EK-Quantum Surface P420M or P420M X-Flow radiators, including one set of fans for each

Additional Info

Material / Design / Color option Black

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Pre-Order $879.99

Pre-Order: This product is expected to ship out in mid May 2024.