EK-MLC Phoenix CPU module - Intel/AM4

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Phoenix is a Modular Liquid Cooling line of products by EKWB and the next generation of improved All-In-One water cooling solutions. Designed around Quick Disconnect Couplings it brings a modular approach to connecting and expanding the loop, giving you the freedom to decide which components you want to cool down. CPU cooling module and GPU cooling module can be connected to the EK-MLC Radiator Core Module in any order, separately or together.

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EK-MLC Phoenix CPU Module - Intel/AM4 is a pre-filled and pre-assembled CPU cooling module water block designed specifically for the most popular Intel and AMD processors. Based on the EK-Supremacy series of CPU water blocks, it comes with an error-preventing mounting mechanism which results in a perfect installation and unparallel cooling performance. Low hydraulic restriction allows this product to work flawlessly with all EK-MLC Phoenix radiator core modules.

Quick Disconnect Coupling or QDC is a special connector that allows for a quick and tool-less expansion of the system without the need for draining of the unit. This allows you to add a pre-filled QDC-enabled GPU or CPU cooling module to an EK-MLC Radiator Core Module. Quick Disconnect is a medical grade product with Zero Drop design, and the expansion of the modular liquid cooling system can be very quick, easy and safe.

The EK-MLC Phoenix radiator core module is a pre-filled radiator-pump combo and it is sold separately. It features high-fin density EK-CoolStream radiator, high-static pressure EK-Vardar EVO fans, and high-quality custom liquid cooling grade SPC water pump. It sets the foundation for efficient and silent PC cooling. The radiator core module is available in many sizes, where the size and number of the fans is the factor of your choice. 

Pre-assembled and pre-filled cooling modules allow for quick and straightforward installation. Phoenix lineup of products is assembled from carefully selected, market-proven enthusiast grade quality components and comes with a 2-year warranty.

- EK-MLC Phoenix CPU Module - Intel/AM4
- EK-MLC Phoenix CPU Module - Intel/AM4 mounting mechanism
- Backplate system (Intel LGA-115x Backplate; rubber gasket)
- TIM / thermal grease: Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut (EKWB 1.0g)

CPU socket compatibility:
- Intel LGA-1150/1151/1155/1156
- Intel LGA-2011(-3)
- Intel LGA-2066

Intel AM4 EKWB Compatibility

Made in Slovenia - EU!


  • The EK-MLC Phoenix CPU module - Intel/AM4 is not a standalone product!
  • In order to function, every CPU and GPU module requires at least one EK-MLC Phoenix radiator core module!

Additional Info

Material / Design / Color option Copper Acetal
Sockets AMD , Intel

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