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EK-Loop Stainless Steel Gauge Card

Product EAN: 3831109911167

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The EK-Loop Stainless Steel Gauge Card is a precision-engineered tool designed to streamline the assembly process of water cooling systems for both enthusiasts and professionals. Its main purpose is to ease the identification and selection of compatible components, thereby enhancing efficiency and saving time. This card facilitates the accurate measurement of bolt and nut sizes, screw diameters, and lengths. Also, it provides clear guidance for Allen key and tubing sizes, ensuring an optimized assembly experience.

EK gauge tool for custom loop liquid cooling

Moreover, it empowers builders of all skill levels to build confidently, preventing common assembly errors before they occur and facilitating the creation of efficient, reliable, and visually stunning water cooling systems.


Sleek and Portable Design: Fashioned to fit within the dimensions of a credit card, this tool boasts portability and convenience. Carry it in your wallet, toolkit, or simply keep it on your desk to ensure it's always there when you need it.

Error Prevention: The EK-Loop Gauge Card is designed to prevent common assembly errors. It provides accurate measurements for bolt sizes and lengths, nut sizes (M2.5, M3, M4), screw diameters (M4, M3.5, M3, M2.5, M2), and screw lengths up to 30mm, ensuring a perfect fit and avoiding damage to sensitive components.

EK gauge tool for custom loop liquid cooling

Comprehensive Tooling Guidance: Includes measurements for Allen key sizes (2, 2.5, 6, 8, 9 mm) to assist in selecting the correct tool for the job. It also features half-circles on the left side for measuring the outer diameters of tubing sizes (12, 14, and 16 mm) commonly used in water cooling systems.

G1/4" Thread Spatial Planning: The top side of the EK-Loop Stainless Steel Gauge Card features a half cutout for G1/4" threads. This design is specifically tailored to assist users in visualizing and measuring the space that G1/4" threaded ports will occupy within a water cooling loop. But, more importantly, it is the maximum depth of a G1/4" thread that will fit all EK custom loop products.


- 1x EK-Loop Stainless Steel Gauge Card

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