EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver - 0.6Nm

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The EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver - 0.6Nm is a precision screwdriver with 5 enclosed bits that will allow you to precisely fasten screws. Assemble and maintain your water-cooling equipment without the risk of over-torquing and damaging your gear. It comes with standard bits like Allen (Hex) and Phillips ones, which will be ideal for most water-cooling products like CPU and GPU water blocks, fan and radiator screws, various pump/reservoir mounts, and much more. 

EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver

It is set to 0.6Nm torque. Upon reaching this force, an audible click is produced and the screwdriver resets. This way, you can no longer break your parts by using too much force as this tool will not allow you to. The soft-grip handle is made of TPR for comfortable use while building a loop. 

EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver
  • EK-Loop Torque Screwdriver
  • TX10 (Torx)
  • PH1 (Phillips-head)
  • PH2 (Phillips-head)
  • HEX 2.0mm (Allen)
  • HEX 2.5mm (Allen)
Made in China

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