EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 - Acetal+Nickel

Product EAN: 3831109831571
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EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 je "Full Cover" vodni blok za MSI® Gaming X 8G series GeForce® GTX 1080 in GTX 1070 grafične kartice. Pred nakupom prosim obiščite spletno stran Cooling Configurator, kjer se prepričajte o združljivosti z vašo strojno opremo. 

Material: ponikljan baker, POM acetal

Priložena vsebina:
- EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 vodni blok
- pritrdilni mehanizem
- toplotno prevodni trakci
- termalna pasta

Izdelano v Sloveniji!



  • Due to an immense variety of fittings/barbs available on the market and no prescribed standards, we guarantee compatibility only for connectors bought from our website.
  • The factory backplates of the MSI GTX 1080 GAMING Z and MSI GTX 1070 GAMING Z  are compatible with this water block.
  • This water block is compatible with all SLI bridges including the new NVIDIA® SLI HB bridge.
  • EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 is also compatible with MSI® GeForce® GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G.
  • This product should NOT be installed with any aluminum Fluid Gaming parts!

Dodatne informacije

Opcija Nickel Acetal
Threads G1/4
Prepared for LED Diode 3mm
Chip Manufacturer Nvidia GeForce

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