EK-UNI Pump Holder (120mm FAN)

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EK-UNI Pump Holder (120mm FAN) is a new elegant solution for attaching various EK water pumps to a 120mm fan mounting hole pattern on your computer chassis. Product is made from black coated steel.

This product is compatible out-of-the-box with following pumps:
- EK-DCP 2.2 series
- EK-DCP 4.0 series

This product is compatible with plethora of EK water cooling pumps:

Water Pump
Required Add-onsAlternative required Add-on
EK-DCP 2.2- -
EK-DCP 2.2 X-RES- -
EK-DCP 4.0--
EK-DCP 4.0 X-RES--
EK-DDC X-TOPEK-DDC Anti-Vibration MountingEK-DDC Heatsink Housing
EK-DDC X-RESEK-DDC Anti-Vibration MountingEK-DDC Heatsink Housing
EK-D5 X-TOPEK-UNI Holder D5 V2 -
EK-D5 X-RESEK-UNI Holder D5 V2 -

- UNI Holder
- UNI Holder DCP Add-on
- mounting mechanism
- required set of Allen keys

Made in Slovenia!

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