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EK-Supremacy EVO Upgrade Kit is a kit of parts needed to upgrade existing EK-Supremacy water block to EVO standard thus turning your old block into fully fledged EK-Supremacy EVO.

The Copper base, Mounting Plate- and Mechanism from the original EK-Supremacy water block are to be re-used during upgrade.

Water block top is made from CNC machined acrylic glass while the inserts are made from injection moulded translucent (M)ABS polymer.

- EK-Supremacy EVO water block top
- set of inserts (I1, I2) and pin
- set of jet plates (J1, J2)
- replacement M4x16 DIN7991 screws
- replacement gasket

Made in Slovenia - Europe!


  • Allen Key needed for dissasembly of your water block is enclosed with your EK-Supremacy water block. Be careful not to overtighten the screws or the thread might get stripped thus rendering the product useless.
  • EK recommends leak testing prior to first install into the system.

Additional Info

Threads G1/4
Prepared for LED Diode 3mm
Sockets Intel, AMD

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