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EK-RES X4 250

Product EAN: 3831109841372
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EK-RES X4 is a large standalone high-quality cylindrical reservoir. The first major distinction from the RES X3 is its sheer size with 250mm in height and the use of 80mm borosilicate glass tube. This provides vast free volume and allows reservoir to hold up to 0.8 liters of liquid coolant.

Top and bottom are made of quality POM Acetal material, while the locking rings are made from black anodized CNC machined aluminum.

Two holders, both made from nickel plated steel wire, are enclosed with the reservoir. One is designed as a vertical stand that can be mounted on a 120mm fan and the other as, either vertical- or horizontal stand for mounting directly into the chassis. The mechanism allows for easy adjustment and orientation.

Furthermore the unit is packed with ports, it features a total of 8 ports! The top has two G1/4" threaded ports and one 3/8" threaded port, which is intended as a fill port. The bottom features no more than five G1/4" threaded ports - you will be able to really find the perfect orientation and port configuration! In case of the horizontal position, you will be able to utilize EK-HD Tubes that can serve as a suction and pressure ports inside the unit. The reservoir comes pre-installed with Anitcylone for preventing the swirl of the liquid.

Bottom features an LED strip with a white bright light-emitting diodes that will illuminate the liquid inside the reservoir. The position of the LED strip cable is also adjustable. LED strip is powered by a standard SATA power molex connector.

Technical data:
- Installation height: 250mm 
- Overall diameter: Ø 98mm
- Tube diameter: Ø 80mm

- Capacity: ~850mL

- EK-RES X4 250 reservoir with preinstalled Anticyclone
- Reservoir holders (120mm fan hole pattern bottom and universal)
- Pair of EK-HD Tubes
- LED light strip (SATA power molex)
- Set of plugs and extenders
- Set of required Allen keys
- Mounting mechanism


  • All the ports are recessed therefore it is mandatory to use the enclosed EK-Extender G1/4 (EAN: 3831109845165) with all the active ports.
  • G3/8 port on the top is intended to be used only as fill port.
  • When using EK-Extender G1/4 make sure not to use fittings or barbs with G1/4 thread longer than 5mm! All EK-ACF and EK-HFB are compatible!
  • When using ports #1 and #2 make sure not to use fittings or barbs with diameter larger than 25mm! All EK-ACF and EK-HFB fittings are compatible!
  • EK recommends the use of EK-ACF fittings. When using fittings other than EK-ACF series please use hose clamps or appropriate substitute to secure the tubing to the barb. The use of biocide containing and corrosion inhibiting coolant is always recommended for any liquid cooling system.
  • When disassembling the reservoir it is mandatory to degrease the gaskets and the glass tube. The best is to use a alcohol with a gentle cloth. Not following this recommendation may lead to leakage.

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Threads G1/4

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