EK-Quantum Torque Compression Ring 6-Pack HDC 16 - Green

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EK-Quantum Torque Compression Ring 6-Pack HDC 16 - Green is a premium locking ring made for the EK-Quantum Torque HDC 16 series fittings. It is not a stand-alone product, requiring an existing Torque fitting's barb.

HDC 16 compression rings for Torque fittings

The locking ring prevents solid tube to be pulled out of the fitting by compressing the rubber gasket underneath the ring. The grooves on the outside allow for easier hand tightening. The compression ring has cutouts in EK Quantum signature shape allowing for the colored aesthetic ring to be shown. The colored rings are available in many colors and are screwed onto the fitting before the compression locking ring. The aesthetic rings are sold separately.

HDC 16 compression rings for Torque fittings

The compression ring is made of CNC machined aluminum and covered with a high-quality green finish. Only compatible with EK-Quantum Torque HDC 16mm fittings.

Technical data:
- Material: Aluminum
- Finish: Green
- Supported tube: 16mm (OD)

Made in Europe - Slovenia!


  • These 6-packs contain only compression rings, they are meant to replace your Torque fittings current compression ring. This is not a stand-alone product.


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34,99 $

Only 10 pieces left

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