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EK-Pro Tubing 10/17mm Reinforced EPDM Preformed 45°/90° - Black

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EK-Pro Tubing 10/17mm Reinforced EPDM Preformed 45°/90° - Black is a reinforced, high quality, industrial grade EPDM rubber tubing in a matte black color. While EPDM tubing is generally soft, this solution is reinforced with nylon to form a semi-hard tube with one 45 and one 90-degree angle. It is excellent for locations that aren’t easily accessible, where a sharp bend would likely create a kink in regular tubing. It comes with a plastic insert and clamps to secure an inter-tube connection.

preformed 90 and 45 degree tubing EK PRO

This durable matte black tubing is designed to withstand harsh conditions for very long periods of time. It offers a truly exceptional lifespan as it can resist UV, ozone, and heat exposure for many years, while its thick rubber walls prevent the coolant from evaporating. Special nylon reinforces the tube wall, preventing kinks and allowing the preformed angle shape. It can be cut if only a piece of it will be used, depending on user requirements. 

EK-Pro Tubing 10/17mm Reinforced EPDM Preformed 45°/90° can also be used to make an interconnection between two soft tubes, as it comes with two plastic inserts that can be put inside both ends of the preformed tube and ends of another soft tube. For example, if a flow indicator was used and removed, this piece of tubing could bridge the gap between two ends of the soft tube. Plastic clamps are also provided to secure the tubing. 

preformed 90 and 45 degree tubing EK PRO

Unlike most PVC and PUR tubing, this high-quality EPDM rubber tubing from EK ensures long-lasting operation and doesn't suffer from a plasticizer leaching effect that can cause blockage (gunking) in your liquid cooling loop. It is guaranteed to be hassle-free even in the long run, which is something other PVC or PUR tubings cannot offer. 

Technical specifications:
- Material: EPDM with Nylon reinforcement
- Color: Black, not UV-reactive
- Outer diameter: 17mm
- Inner diameter: 10mm
- Angles: 1x90° and 1x45°
- Total tube length: ~20cm
- Plastic Inserts: 2
- Tube clamps: 4
- Operating ambient temperature range: up to 80°C
- Compatible with all known widely used coolants

Conforms with RoHS. Made in Italy- Europe!


  • Due to the nature of manufacturing the tubing may contain traces of char.

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Material / Design / Color option Black

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$21.28 -24 %

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