EK-Nucleus AIO Replacement Cover - Creator Kit

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EK-Nucleus AIO Replacement Cover - Creator Kit is an optional replacement pump unit top for the EK Nucleus series AIO coolers that allows users to 3D print over the base and build their own unique AIO aesthetic. It replaces the stock top cover of the award-winning Nucleus AIOs available in 240 and 360mm sizes, both of which come in black and white finishes.

Possible creation via Creator Kit for EK NUcleus AIO

Possible design to create with this Creator Kit and 3D printing

In the Creator Kit box, users get a 3D-printed light guide with magnets, which is used as a platform for their 3D-printed creations. It is meant as a light diffuser, and the user gets to pick where it shines through by building specially designed extrudes of the 3D print. EK prepared a 3D model of the pump unit and a printed base, which can be remodeled and customized.

Download the 3D.STEP file using the link below to start creating your personalized AIO cover.

.STEP file download

The pump-block unit of the EK Nucleus AIO is assembled from:

  1. Pump Housing
  2. Light Guide (provided in the packaging)
  3. 3D Print Base (for customization)
  4. Top Plastic Cover with EK Badge

Users can choose to use the top plastic cover with the EK badge and build a design within it to keep the design language or create their own designs, which are not limited in size as long as they are not too heavy for the magnets to hold. The mounting is effortless as there are four magnets that hold the top to the pump housing. Consult the product's user manual for more information and details on restrictions when using the top plastic cover with the EK badge.

Some of the use cases EK had in mind included building a base on top of which you could use your favorite toy bricks to build a unique-looking creation. For those not interested in that, a stand for your favorite miniature model you've painted, or an action figure is another exciting option. Or something way more simple yet unique to your interests. Maybe a 3D-printed logo of your favorite game or universe to display your fandom. The possibilities are boundless, limited only by your imagination.

Possible design to create with this Creator Kit and 3D printing

With the growing repositories of free 3D models online, even your skills in designing a 3D model will not be an issue. You can always download a model and adjust it to fit the dimensions and constraints of the AIO cover.

Technical Specification:

- Material: White Acetal


- EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB
- EK-Nucleus AIO CR240 Lux D-RGB
- EK-Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB - White
- EK-Nucleus AIO CR240 Lux D-RGB - White

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