EK-Loop OmniLink 2-Way Splitter - 100mm

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The EK-Loop OmniLink 2-way Splitter cable allows the user to connect up to two OmniLink products or to connect two separate OmniLink cable harnesses. The OmniLink cable allows for easy transmission and distribution of 12V and 5V Power, PWM, TACHO, and D-RGB signals. The cable features a stylish black ribbon cable for easy build integration and cable management.

This cable will not double the current capacity, as it will remain 8.5A in total. The power load may be unequal due to the split.


- EK-Loop OmniLink 2-Way Splitter - 100mm cable

Technical Specifications:

- Molex Micro-fit 3.0 8-pin Male connector to two Molex Micro-fit 3.0 8-pin Female connectors

- Cable length: 100±10mm

- Color: Black

- Power Wire gauge: AWG20

- Signal Wire gauge: AWG22

- Connector current rating: 8.5A

- Power Cable current rating: 8A

- Signal Cable current rating: 6A

EK-Loop OmniLink 2-Way Splitter - 100mm cable is compatible with all EK OmniLink products.

Designed in Slovenia, made in China

EKWB d.o.o | Slovenia – EU |


  • If EK-Loop FPT fans are placed at the start of the OmniLink series, it limits the current to 4.5A due to the thinner wire gauge of the cable.

Additional Info

Material / Design / Color option Black

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