June 2-6, 2020
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EK-GPU Reinforcer GeForce

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EK-GPU Reinforcer GeForce is an add-on for EK-Supreme HF VGA water block. It's a structural reinforcement metal plate which is mounted around the GPU with M3×4 screws. It reinforces the PCB for perfect GPU contact with water block without unwanted bending of the PCB.

EK-GPU Reinforcer GeForce is made out of 2.5mm thick black coated steel and is already an integral part of the EK-FC470 GTX, FC480 GTX and FC580 GTX series water block.

EK-GPU Reinforcer GeForce fits on the following graphics cards:
- GeForce GTX 465
- GeForce GTX 470
- GeForce GTX 480
- GeForce GTX 580

- GPU reinforcer plate
- washers
- mounting mechanism

Additional Info

Chip Manufacturer Nvidia GeForce

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