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EK-FC R9 Fury X Backplate - Blue

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EK-FC R9 Fury X Backplate is a CNC machined retention backplate made from blue anodized aluminum for EK-FC R9 Fury X series water blocks.

Backplate cover the whole lenght of graphics cards PCB, serves as an aesthetic add-on and also provides passive cooling for the VRM (Voltage Regulation Module) on the backside of the circuit board.

This backplate is guaranteed to be compatible only with reference PCB design Radeon R9 FURY (X) series graphics card in combination with any EK-FC R9 Fury X series water block.

No other water blocks are officially supported! Please check our Cooling Configurator for detailed compatibility list!

- EK-FC R9 Fury X Backplate - Blue
- mounting mechanism
- thermal pads

Made in Slovenia - Europe!


  • The backplate does not serve as a standalone unit!
  • Backplate screws can be found in the special compartment inside the box.

Additional Info

Chip Manufacturer AMD Radeon

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$19.24 -50 %

Only few pieces

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