June 2-6, 2020
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EK-FB MSI Z170A XPOWER TE Monoblock - Nickel

Product EAN: 3831109821428
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EK-FB MSI Z170A XPOWER TE Monoblok je namenjen hlajenju Intel® LGA-1151 Skylake® procesorja in MSI® Z170A GAMING TITANIUM EDITION matične plošče.


- EK-FB MSI Z170A XPOWER TE Monoblock - Nickel
- Pritrditveni mehanizem
- Termalna pasta EK-TIM Ectotherm
- Termalni padi

Narejeno v Sloveniji!


  • Priključki niso vključeni!


  • The use of specifically engineered coolants that contain corrosion, scale, and biological inhibitors is mandatory to prevent damage to your nickel plated water block! EK is offering a selection of such products in the coolants section.
  • Fittings are not included! Two fittings are needed for proper operation. Due to immense variety of fittings/barbs available on market and no prescribed standards, we guarantee compatibility only for connectors bought from our web site.
  • This product should NOT be installed with any aluminum Fluid Gaming parts!

Dodatne informacije

Opcija Nickel Plexi
Threads G1/4
Prepared for LED Diode 3mm
Podnožje Intel

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End of life
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