EK-D5 Cover Kit (Nickel) Acetal

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EK-D5 Cover Kit is an upgrade kit for EK D5 type water pump. This add-on improves the looks of your EK-D5 X-TOP & X-RES product.  

EK-D5 Cover is made from cold drawn steel and features nickel plated finish. The cover is secured to the pump by the use of modified EK-D5 mounting ring, which is also enclosed.

This upgrade kit is compatible with the following EK products:
- EK-D5 X-TOP Acetal (Not compatible with original CSQ Plexi)
- EK-D5 Vario X-TOP series
- EK-D5 X-RES series
- EK-D5 Vario X-RES series
EK-BAY RES D5 series
- EK-BAY RES D5 Vario series

- pump metal cover - nickel
- modified EK-D5 mounting ring
- mounting mechanism

Made in Slovenia - EU!

- Water pump molex power connector needs to be dissasembled during installation of the ring.
- Nickel-plated surface of the D5 Cover is machine-polished. Slight surface finish imperfections are to be expected.


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21,99 $

Out of stock. Expected date of availability will be added soon

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