EK-CSQ Fitting 10/16mm G1/4 - Black

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EK CSQ Compression Fitting is a real high flow fitting. Made of Black -plated brass with quality O-ring.
A unique design with side imprinted EK logo will give your watercooling system a higher value.

Technical data:
- Thread: G1/4
- G1/4 thread length: 4,5 mm
- Outer diameter of a fitting: 22 mm
- Length: 27 mm

For tubes:
- Inner diameter: 9,5 mm (3/8")
- Outer diameter: 15,9 mm (5/8")

Made in Slovenia - EU, ROHS Compliant!

- The fittings are plated, not painted. Due to the plating technique the internals of the fittings may not be completely black and the base nickel layer might shine through.

Additional Info

Threads G1/4

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