List of compatible water blocks

Video card: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming+ 8G 8GB GDDR5X Published on: 07/09/17
Water block:  

Please note that using parts from different product lines is not always compatible. If you require something specific, please contact our tech support for more information.

VGA FullCover [+] EOL products
EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 - Acetal+Nickel [3831109831571] View
EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 – Nickel [3831109831564] View
VGA FullCover ADD-on [+] EOL products
EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 Backplate - Black [3831109831588] View
EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 Backplate - Nickel [3831109831595] View

VGA Universal block covers only GPU. You have to arrange passive cooling of RAMs and Mosfet chips.

VGA Universal [+] EOL products
EK-VGA Supremacy [3831109805145] View
EK-VGA Supremacy - Acetal [3831109805152] View
EK-VGA Supremacy - Acetal+Nickel [3831109805176] View
EK-VGA Supremacy - Nickel [3831109805169] View
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