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Watercooling excellence from developing and manufacturing to end-user support!

Since 2005, EK was obligated to bring you the water cooling products you wish for and the best support on the products and most importantly these days - product compatibility. As EK grew, so did the community of EK users.

As we were getting more and more questions about product compatibilities and sadly also more and more incompatibilities associated mainly with Full Cover, Chipset and Mosfet blocks, we have been designing from the beginning of 2009 a system that will help users with choosing the right EK products for their hardware or even the right hardware for EK products. This is why CoolingConfigurator.com has been developed. This database of motherboards and graphics cards will continue to grow through our constant search for compatible and incompatible hardware that we think users will be interested in. You as our valuable customer will be able to send us your inquiry for your selected hardware that you have not found in the system. A special form has been made here.

We are always open for suggestions, so if you think we can do better please send us an e-mail.

EK & CoolingConfigurator Team
Did you know that EKWB stands for Edvard König Water Blocks?
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