Vodni bloki

Vodni bloki

From CPUs to GPUs and Everything in Between

Immerse yourself in liquid cooling excellence with our comprehensive selection of EK water blocks. Our range covers every crucial component of your system, ensuring optimal cooling performance and aesthetics.

Unsure about compatibility? Let our Configurator guide you to the perfect match for your gear.

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  • EK-Quantum Velocity² Direct Die D-RGB - 1700 Core Edition

    New Direct Die CPU water block for the Intel® socket LGA 1700-based CPUs Podrobno
    279,99 $


  • EK-Quantum Magnitude D-RGB - 1700 Nickel + Acetal

    The EK-Quantum Magnitude is the new ultimate bespoke CPU water block from EK® that brings the highest cooling performance with the lowest possible flow restriction. The 1700 version of the water block is using a specific combination of flow distribution insert, mounting pressure, and cold plate geometry tailored for the IHS and die layout of Intel® 12th Generation Core CPUs.

    259,99 $

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