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  • EK-Quantum Momentum² Pro WS W790-ACE - Full Metal

    EK-Quantum Momentum² Pro WS W790-ACE - Full Metal is a premium high-performance monoblock made for the Pro WS W790-ACE workstation motherboard. It cools the motherboard's CPU and voltage regulation module (VRM). Mehr erfahren

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  • EK-Quantum Magnitude sTRX4 D-RGB - Nickel + Acetal

    EK-Quantum Magnitude sTRX4 is the newest flagship CPU water block tailor-made for AMD® Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors. The Magnitude sTRX4, which belongs to the EK-Quantum product line, is the most complex Threadripper CPU water block on the market to date. This new lineup has no intention of succeeding or replacing their Velocity sTR4 counterparts, as the Magnitude version is a rather sophisticated alternative optimized specifically for Zen 2 based AMD Threadripper CPUs.

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