Endless Options for Perfect Connections

Available in numerous finishes, shapes, and sizes, fittings connect the tubes with all components of the loop. EK offers soft and hard tube fittings to meet everyone's requirements. Unsure which to choose? Check out our comprehensive Fittings and Tubing Guide!

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  • EK-Quantum Torque Rotary STC-10/16 - Black

    This is a premium soft-tube compression fitting with a rotary joint Podrobno
    14,99 $

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  • EK-Quantum Torque Rotary Offset 3 - Black

    EK-Quantum Torque Rotary Offset 3 is a premium revolvable male+female threaded offset adapter fitting. It is commonly used to distance or offset G1/4" ports in tight spaces or to perfectly align hard tubing to another port in order to have aesthetically pleasant parallel tubing. Aesthetically, they are a perfect match with the EK-Quantum Torque series fittings and adapters.

    14,49 $

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  • EK-Quantum Torque Micro Rotary 90° - Black

    Premium quality micro rotary 90° adapter from the EK-Quantum line. Made out of CNC machined brass with satin black finish. Podrobno
    14,99 $

    Na voljo za naročilo: This product is expected to become available on July 19, 2024 if you order it now

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