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Available in numerous finishes, shapes, and sizes, fittings connect the tubes with all components of the loop. EK offers soft and hard tube fittings to meet everyone's requirements. Unsure which to choose? Check out our comprehensive Fittings and Tubing Guide!

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  • EK-Quantum Torque Color Ring 10-Pack HDC 16 - Purple

    EK-Quantum Torque Color Ring 10-Pack HDC 16 - Purple are the interchangeable aesthetic rings for EK's new minimalistic 16mm hard-tube compression fittings designed for use with 16mm OD solid tubing such as Acrylic and PETG. These aesthetic rings are made of anodized aluminum.

    The colored rings are available in many colors and are screwed onto the fitting before the compression locking ring.

    These accent rings are guaranteed to be compatible only with EK-Quantum Torque HDC 16 fittings.

    Made in Europe - Slovenia!

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