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EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO incl. Modules

Product EAN: 3831109857205
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EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO is a high performance system memory (RAM) liquid nitrogenevaporation cooler for competitive overclockers. Used in conjunction with up to four Module Adapters this unit allows extreme overclocking of virtually any (DDR-)SDRAM memory module (of any generation).

About EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO:
EK-SD3D Triple Point EVO is a product of joint venture between Petri 'SF3D' Korhonen, legendary overclocker and extreme evaporation cooler designer from Finland, and EK design & engineering team. The product is made of electrolytic grade nickel plated copper in order to provide the necassery mass to even out the temperature fluctuation. Top extension is made from high quality black anodized aluminium alloy.

About EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO Module Adapters:
This product contains two (2) EK-SF3D Triple Point Module Adapter heatsinks. Each of these items are made of CNC machined high quality aluminium and feature black anodized finish. Each heatsink module consists of two separate plates while the DIMM memory module is sandwitched in between. Heat transfer between the memory module and aluminium heatsink adapter and copper base of the EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO is ensured by the use of enclosed Gelid GC-Extreme TIM (grease).

This product is ready to be used only with double-sided (single or dual ranked as per JEDEC) DIMM memory modules. In case single-sided DIMM module is used one needs to use 1.0mm thick thermal pad where no memory chips are used (not enclosed). Factory installed heatsink must be removed from each memory module prior to installation (if present).

- High performance evaporation cooler for competitive overclockers
- Modern, unique design with copper core allows for easy temperature regulation
- Built-in temperature probe slot in a each Module Adapter for precise control
- Compatible with both Liquid Nitrogen LN2 as well as Dry Ice CO2(s)
- Includes premium thermal grease

"The little bèbè knows how to maintain temperature with high load with hot sticks. Benched with PSC and Hynix MFR IC based memory at 2.4Vdimm and saw -190°C after half hour of benching."

- Hiwa 'hiwa' Pouri, G.Skill in-house overclocking expert


Technical data:
- capacity: 50mL
- weight (empty): 365g
- module adapter weight: 60g (each)
- operational range: -196°C to +80°C

- EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO series evaporation cooler
- EK-SF3D Triple Point EVO Module Adapter (2 pcs)
- Gelid GC-Extreme 1.5g thermal grease
- mounting screws
- allen key 2mm

Made in Slovenia - EU!


  • For expert users only! Do not touch exposed metal with bare hands! Danger of severe frost burns due to extreme cold.
  • Use in a well ventilated area!
  • Do not use with liquid oxygen!



  • Insulation material is not included!
  • Thermal probes (wire sensors) are not included!
  •  Intended for use with double-sided (single or dual ranked as per JEDEC) DIMM memory modules.
  • Factory installed heatsink must be removed from each memory module prior to installation (if present).

Additional Info

Material / Design / Color option Nickel Acetal

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