EK-VGA Supreme HF Bridge Edition - EN (Nickel)

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EK-VGA Supreme HF Bridge Edition is a special edition of world-renown EK-VGA Supreme HF waterblock designed specifically for the use with EK-FC Bridge Parallel interconnects in multiple graphics card system.

EK-VGA Supreme HF is a direct successor of the world renown EK-VGA Supreme waterblock launched in 2007.
It's main improvements are:
- better flow: due to improved design up to 50% higher flow compared to EK-VGA Supreme
- better cooling performance: up to 3°C lower GPU temperatures

The EK-VGA Supreme HF's cooling engine uses fin design. The water (coolant) accelerates through thin jet plate's channels and turbolently continues it's path through 31 very thin channels which provide large cooling surface area. Very thin copper base bottom wall even further improves cooling performance.

The base plate is made of electroless nickel (EN) plated copper lapped and polished to +/- 0,0007 mm flatness. The top is made of quality cast acrylic material. Water block top has one slot for one 5mm LED diode.

EK-VGA Supreme HF Bridge Edition series waterblocks supports majority of nVidia and AMD high-end graphics cards. Please check compatibility at EK's CoolingConfigurator.

EK-VGA Supreme HF Bridge Edition is compatible with the following EK-FC Bridge interconnects only:
- EK-FC Bridge DUAL Parallel
- EK-FC Bridge TRIPLE Parallel
- EK-FC Bridge QUAD Parallel

Enclosed in the box:
- EK-VGA Supreme HF Bridge Edition series waterblock
- EK-VGA Easy Mount HF mounting mechanism
- 2x gaskets (o-rings) 15x1.5

Nevertheless EK-VGA Supreme HF Bridge Edition still features two G1/4 threaded ports for the use of barbs/fittings. G1/4" threaded fittings are not included!

- Due to superior nickel plating method and corrosion resistance, the waterblock may loose brightness over time and become of a bit duller tone.
-Due to immense variety of fittings/barbs available on the market and no prescribed standard we guarantee compatibility only for connectors bought from EK Webshop.
-Any heat generating components such as VRM (voltage regulation) or RAM chips needs to be actively or passively cooled by user's preferable method (passive heat sinks, air cooling, ...)

- Using serial type of EK-FC Bridge will result in non-optimal cooling performance and should be avoided!

Additional Info

Material / Design / Color option Copper Plexi
Threads G1/4
Prepared for LED Diode 5mm
Chip Manufacturer Nvidia GeForce, AMD Radeon

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