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EK-Quantum Torsion A60 - Black Limited Edition

Product EAN: 3831109894569

Prednaročilo: This product is expected to ship out in mid March 2024.

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Estimated Delivery Date: 29 April 2024
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EK-Quantum Torsion A60 - Black Limited Edition

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EK-Quantum Torsion A60 - Black Limited Edition PC case is created specially for liquid-cooled builds. It is entirely built of CNC-milled aluminum, weighing around 22 kg. The EK-Quantum Torsion A60 is not just a case but a statement. Its machined channels for custom-sleeved cables and an integrated D5-powered distribution plate make it a true marvel for water-cooling enthusiasts. The case fits the mid-tower standard and fits up to three medium-thick EK-Quantum Surface P360 radiators. A tempered glass side panel, an integrated vertical GPU bracket, and support for ATX and E-ATX motherboards are only a few of the perks this chassis has to offer.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

Crafted in Aluminum, Cooled in Style

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 boasts a chassis machined entirely out of 6082 aluminum alloy using state-of-the-art CNC machining anodized in satin black color. The 6082 alloy has the highest strength among the 6000 series alloys and boasts excellent corrosion resistance. This results in a case that not only exudes durability but radiates a sense of refined elegance.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

The precisely engineered design showcases attention to detail in every facet, making it the perfect canvas for your liquid cooling ambitions. Every piece is held together with hex screws, so you can disassemble, customize, and modify anything you desire. 

This case features a semi-open design, where its top is open with a special handle milled out, allowing you to move or carry the case. The minimalist yet striking design, enhanced by the sleek aluminum look, makes it a focal point in any environment.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

The tempered glass side panel beautifully displays internal components, allowing you to exhibit your water-cooling masterpiece.

Torsion A60 case PC water-cooling

Stylish aluminum thumbscrews hold the panel in place.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

Limited Edition, Unique Opportunity

This case is limited to a production run of only 777 pieces. Out of these 777, two-thirds will be Black and one-third Silver. Each chassis will have its serial number engraved on a plate proudly displayed near the top of the motherboard tray.

Cable Channels With Aluminum Cable Holders

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 allows you to achieve a clean, clutter-free build that shows off your cables. The thick aluminum motherboard tray holds grooves for all the important power cables:

  • Twin 8-pin CPU EPS cables
  • Up to three 8-pin PCIe power cables for the GPU or 12VHPWR cables
  • ATX 24-pin motherboard cable

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

Each separate custom-sleeved cable fits into its own channel. For the GPU power cables, two types of cable holders are included based on the GPU connector being either standard 8-pin PCIe-based or 12VHPWR. The case comes with three holders for each of the GPU connectors.

Cable Compatibility

EK suggests a cable diameter of 2.5-3.0mm of thickness. This diameter includes the wire and insulation. When sleeving is added, the cable should fit into the 4.2mm groove of the case. The 4.2mm channel was chosen so that cables have perfect alignment as they do in the connectors themselves.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

Cable Sleeving Experts

Should you decide that sleeving the cables yourself is too bothersome, we recommend a few cable-sleeving experts who can make custom cables for you.

Integrated Premium Distribution Plate

This advanced all-in-one waterway solution offers exceptional design and unmatched ease of use. It includes a pump, reservoir, and multiple industry standard G1/4″ threaded inlets and outlets. Thanks to the EK-Matrix7 concept, the placement of these inlets and outlets is precisely aligned with other EK products, minimizing the complexities of tube routing and ensuring a clean and organized loop with perfectly straight tubes. 

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

RGB on the Integrated Distribution Plate

The built-in addressable 14-LED strip can be connected to the motherboard’s 5V header or a dedicated D-RGB controller. It is compatible with numerous popular RGB synchronization software, including MSI MYSTIC LIGHT SYNC, ASROCK POLYCHROME SYNC, ASUS AURA SYNC, and GIGABYTE RGB FUSION 2, allowing you to achieve a coordinated lighting effect across your entire system. 

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

PWM-Controlled D5 Pump (3rd Generation)

This water distribution plate comes with a powerful yet silent PWM-controlled D5 pump. The goal was to make a product with enough power to offer excellent reliability and outstanding performance while keeping the noise down to a minimum. The D5 pump has been updated with the latest G3 variant that comes with a SATA power connector, following the latest PC industry trend of a decreased use of 4-pin Molex cables. EK-Quantum Convection, a premium aesthetic cover CNC-machined out of pure aluminum, is mounted over the pump.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

EK-Matrix7 Support

The EK-Matrix7 standardizes the products’ dimensions, including the port position and spacing, making liquid cooling loop assembly easier and more intuitive than ever before. EK-Quantum Torsion cases follow the EK-Matrix7 standard, enabling them to integrate with the EK-Quantum Line seamlesslyThis means you’ll spend less time planning the loop and bending the tubes, resulting in an epic, sleek-looking, liquid-cooled build.

Radiator Support And Push-In Fittings

This case supports up to three EK-Quantum Surface P360 medium-thickness radiators, allowing the user to cool truly high-end hardware inside it. These radiators are mounted via special push-in fittings, available separately, and in multiple finishes to match your chosen case. EK-Quantum Surface S360 or shorter versions can also be used if the user prefers slimmer radiators but requires 14mm Male-Female extenders. This case exclusively supports EK-Quantum Surface radiators.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

The radiators have an unobstructed path to get hot air away from the case through a mesh opening in the side panel.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

Integrated Vertical GPU Bracket

A stylish integrated vertical GPU bracket is factory-installed, which is also milled out of aluminum and can carry weights that way surpass a water-blocked graphics card. GPU sag is a thing of the past in this case, not allowing for anything to impede on the aesthetics.

EK-Quantum Torsion A60 case

Optional Power Button

The case has an external power button on the back of the case, that can be hidden in case the user prefers to use a power button on the motherboard.

Technical Details

Technical Specifications of the case:

  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 485 x 276 x 476 mm
  • Finish: Black
  • Tempered Glass Panel: Yes
  • Motherboard Compatibility: ATX, E-ATX
  • Maximum GPU Length: 400mm
  • Suggested GPU Width: 160mm (not mandatory)
  • Maximum PSU Length: 220mm (Standard ATX)


  • Up to three EK-Quantum Surface P360


  • Dimensions with the attached pump (H x W x D): 415 mm x 251 mm x 92 mm (with the included pump and cover)
  • Reservoir volume: ~450ml
  • D-RGB LED count: 14
  • D-RGB cable length: 500mm
  • D-RGB connector standard 3-pin (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground)

Pump Motor Technical Specifications:

  • Motor: electronically commuted spherical motor
  • Rated voltage: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 23W
  • Maximum pressure head: 3.9m
  • Maximum flow: 1500L/h
  • Maximum system temperature: 60°C
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, Aluminum Oxide, Hard Coal
  • Power connector: SATA and 4-pin PWM FAN connector

Operational Regime:

  • PWM duty cycle: ~ 20-100%
  • Default behavior: runs at 100% duty cycle when no PWM feedback signal is present

Made in Slovenia - EU!


  • The liquid cooling components are just for showcase and are not delivered with the case!
  • Compatible only with the EK-Quantum Surface P and S radiators
  • Do not clean the distribution plate with alcohol (IPL)!

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Opcija Black
Threads G1/4

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Prednaroči 2.620,99 $

Prednaročilo: This product is expected to ship out in mid March 2024.

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