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EK-Quantum Scalar² Side Port Terminal - Acetal

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EK-Quantum Scalar² Side Port Terminal - Acetal is a specialized Scalar² terminal for EK-Quantum Vector² GPU water blocks from the premium Quantum Line. Its primary use is in the case of vertical mounting a GPU that is cooled by an EK-Quantum Vector² GPU water block.

Scalar2 side port terminal

It has two ports on the section that shows off the GPU brand on the stock terminals, so when the GPU is mounted vertically, these ports are very convenient to connect to the CPU water block. A single magnetic cover can be mounted on the terminal.

This terminal is exclusively used on the GPU water blocks without an active backplate. It is CNC-machined out of durable black POM acetal.

Dodatne informacije

Opcija Black
Threads G1/4

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36,99 $

29,59 $ -20 %

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