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EK-Quantum Reflection Fractal ATX D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi

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The EK-Quantum Reflection Fractal ATX D5 PWM D-RGB is a water cooling reservoir, routing and pump solution made to fit several Fractal Design ATX size cases. This "distro plate" is specifically designed to provide an advanced water cooling solution with a market-leading D5 pump for users who are building custom loop liquid cooling solutions with Fractal Design cases.

Supported Fractal Design cases:

  • Define 7
  • Define 7 XL
  • Define R6
  • Define S2
  • Vector RS
  • Meshify S2
  • Define S2 Vision RGB

The EK-Quantum Reflection Fractal ATX D5 PWM D-RGB offers multiple industry-standard G1/4" threaded inlet and outlets. The placement of these inlets and outlets is perfectly aligned to fit inline with the PC components in order to minimize the number of bends the user has to make in order to create the loop. It is able to support 1 CPU, 2 GPUs, and up to 2 radiators.

The radiator compatibility per case is as follows (top+front):

  • Define 7 - EK-CoolStream PE 360 + EK-CoolStream SE 240
  • Define 7 XL - EK-CoolStream XE 360 or EK-CoolStream CE 420 + EK-CoolStream PE 360
  • Define R6 - EK-CoolStream PE 360 + EK-CoolStream PE 240
  • Define S2 - EK-CoolStream PE 360
  • Vector RS - EK-CoolStream PE 360
  • Meshify S2 - EK-CoolStream PE 360
  • Define S2 Vision RGB - EK-CoolStream PE 360

Engineered to be mounted next to the motherboard, the EK-Quantum Reflection Fractal ATX D5 PWM can fit elegantly within the supported Fractal Design cases. The built-in addressable D-RGB LED strip runs down the entire length of the unit while the anodized black aluminum cover hides the unwanted LED hotspots. The installed addressable D-RGB LED strip connects to the motherboard 5V D-RGB (A-RGB) header via an industry-standard connector. It is compatible with all major motherboard vendor software for a coordinated lighting effect. Other excellent and recommended addressable D-RGB controller units are the EK-Loop Connect or the little handy Fractal Design Adjust R1.


- Dimensions with the attached pump (W x D x H): 133 x 66 x 349mm
- Reservoir volume: ~166ml
- D-RGB LED count: 22
- D-RGB cable length: 500mm
- D-RGB connector standard 3-pin (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground)

Technical specifications:
- Motor: Electronically commuted spherical motor
- Rated voltage: 12V DC
- Power consumption: 23W
- Maximum pressure head: 3.9m
- Maximum flow: 1500L/h
- Maximum system temperature: 60°C
- Materials: Stainless steel, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, Aluminium oxide, hard coal
- Power connector: SATA power and 4-Pin PWM FAN connector

Operational regime:
- PWM duty cycle: ~ 20-100%
- Default behavior: Runs at 100% duty cycle when no PWM feedback signal is present



  • The Quantum Reflection distribution plates are designed around Quantum Torque fittings and EK standard radiators.
  • The EK-CoolStream Classic PE radiators are thicker than standard EK radiators, and therefore not compatible.
  • The aluminum oxide mentioned in the materials specification for the D5 pump is not exposed to water and is perfectly safe to run in copper/nickel loops.
  • The D5 pump is water lubricated and it must not be run dry; otherwise, permanent bearing damage can occur.

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