EK-Quantum Magnitude Coldplate - Flat Copper

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EK-Quantum Magnitude Cold plate - Flat Copper is a special cold plate, engineered without any curvature to be used with lapped IHS or aftermarket flat IHS.

The regular Magnitude cold plates are made with specific curvature depending on the socket type in order in order to make the best contact and most pressure on the die and avoid raised parts of the IHS, Due to that curvature, they are not ideal for uses when the stock IHS is lapped or replaced with an aftermarket solution that is flatter. This is easily remedied by replacing the stock cold plate with the EK-Quantum Magnitude Coldplate – Flat Copper, which has perfect fitment unto flat surfaces.

Important: only use 0.5P jet plate for Intel 20XX and AMD AM4 versions of the block, and 0.5C for Intel 115X and Intel 1700 version.

This cold plate is made of high-grade copper.

- EK-Quantum Magnitude Coldplate - Flat
- 0.5P and 0.5C jet plates

Made in Europe - Slovenia!


  • Not to be used without an IHS


Option Full Copper

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45,99 $


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